Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gatliff Marathon

It's the Gatliff Marathon tomorrow and I'm rather looking forward to it. I hadn't done much research on this event but now that I have it would appear that it's a pretty tricky little race. Loads of mud and climbing. I'm approaching it the same way I approached Longmynd but changing some of the things I got wrong.

Race plan is to take time over the navigation, respect the hills and run hard at all other times. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well.

I'm expecting it to be a long, wet and fun day tomorrow. Bring it on.


  1. Matt, with the amount of water falling from the sky this will be yet another epic Gatliff as all the water lies on the downland chalk and the rivers burst their will be a slow but awesome run.....remember to eat, run, eat and enjoy :-)

  2. How did it go ? Wettest, muddiest event I've ever done, found running impossible for much of it due to the soft ground, water and mud. Took forever - not helped by the distance being about 5m longer than advertised according to my Garmin (and a friend did the 35k - which turned out to be 43k)

  3. I really enjoyed it to be honest. You're quite right, there was a ton of mud and water on the course but I love that sort of thing and don't actually find it too hard to run on.

    Everyone I've spoken to has reported that the route is way longer than 50k. I finished in 7 hours 41 mins which I was more than happy with. I've run events with similar amounts of mud much quicker than that so I'm guessing that the course is longer than 50k.

    Definitely think I'll be back to do it again next year.