Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A week of weeks (or "How I created a monster")

Sometimes, just sometimes a week turns into a total monster. I never intended it to because I was planning a 50km run on the second Sunday. Naturally I'd originally planned 2 or 3 days of gentle taper so make the most of the 50km long run but as the week progressed it became clear I was actually going to make it as hard as possible by running twice most days and tapering very little.

Here's how the week shaped up:

Sunday:    Barefoot Off-Road (1 hour)
Monday:    Run 1 - (1 hour), Run 2 - (35 mins)
Tuesday:   Run 1 - (35 mins), Run 2 - Time Trial (40 mins)
Wednesday: Run 1 - (35 mins), Run 2 - Recovery (45 mins)
Thursday:  Run 1 - (1 hour), Run 2 - (30 mins)
Friday:    (40 mins)
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:    Long Off-Road (5 hours 20 mins)

I don't log mileage so I can't say how far exactly that lot adds up to but it's in the region of 120km of running and about 12 and a half hours on my feet.

Other little additions were plenty of stair climbing, weights, ITB stretching and ab work. And to cap it off for  9 out of the 11 runs I carried a 15lb backpack.

This week things are far more relaxed. That monster week was a result of feeling great and just wanting to run loads. Which leads me to the most fundamental advice I could possibly give:

Enjoy your running. Do as much as makes you happy and feels like fun.


  1. That is really impressive, I am battling with tight IT bands and quads at the moment so I can see it impairing my running distance this week if I don't get it sorted.

  2. Very difficult to quickly sort issues like that. Whatever you do will no doubt be painful. I feel your pain mate.