Sunday, 14 February 2010

2010 Race Schedule

Well it's been a long time planning but finally I've got the race schedule for 2010 completed:

Jan - Hedingham Half - 13.1 miles, LDWA style navigation
Feb - Moonlight Challenge - 32.75 miles, night-time fun in Kent
Mar - Sevenoaks Circular - 30 miles, LDWA event so route navigation
Apr - VLM - 26.2 miles, going to run with backpack for training and also to go slower and experience it more
May - Halstead - 26.2 miles, time challenge, the only marathon I'll race this year
July - Downland Ultra Challenge - 30 miles, heat, heat and more heat
Oct - Longmynd Hike - 50 miles, 8000 feet climbing, night-time navigation

I may well do some shorter races in November/ December but I'll see how things go. The focus of the year though is the Longmynd Hike.


  1. some fantastic challenges Mr Flynn. I did the downland Ultra last July with Mr Immune. A tough one but fantastic views over the Downs. Beware the long hill in the last 10k!

  2. I've heard it's pretty tough and very hot.